The Navigational Star

She said:

Every Dream will take you forward

Its a navigational star to sail your ship by

And the Hotter you make that star burn

The brighter it will shine and the farther it will take you.

You’re the captain of your ship,

And that star is leading you through the storms and lulls

and everything in between.

But as Captain, you in no way expect to have your ship

Lift off that water and sail to that Star,

And if it did, you’d be blown to bits.

Be glad that doesn’t happen.

But aiming for that star, keeps you on course,

Keeps you moving steadily forward

without any pointless delays, and without wrecking your ship.

The captain of the ship never intends to sail TO the star.

The captain of the ship only ever intends to sail TOWARDS that star

Because She knows, Every Star, Every Dream that Burns Bright

Takes us forward, and it will never look exactly like we thought it would when we arrive.

Some things may be better, some things may be worse.

But whatever you find when you get there,

it will be a destination you could have never attained

If you never had a Star to sail your ship by, and you just puttered

around aimlessly, wasting your time on the water without a course.

The Navigational Star, that burning dream, will take you and your life forward

In the most powerful and steadily advancing way possible,

and it’ll be a fun, tough, motherf***er of a ride.

But what would you rather do?

Putter around in a pond the rest of your days?

We’re made for more.