Winter Fasting

(or, An Awakening In Vermont.)


i stepped alone into the Night

and breathed the bracing air,

i gazed upon a moonlit cloud

through Tree with branches bare

And slowly I began to sense a sense that could not be,

The tree whose branches I gazed through

was clearly watching me

From tip to toe not from the cold

My every chill bump raised

I could not would not break the spell

Though famished, weak and dazed

At last I said, “Tree, I must turn, I want to see more sky.”

The tree gazed up into our night, and said, “Yes, so do I.”



Shining Now

One Day

I will talk to the one before me,

be they neighbor, lover,

friend, family, or other,

I will talk to the one before me,

for the last time.


Seeing an end

makes me appreciate



One day those eyes will not shine into mine,

but they are shining today.

They are shining now.

And I am awake and present

to receive all of this.