The Possible Goals

I am sharing words that are not my own.

These words helped me

get back on the horse 

in this Year Of The Horse

May they help you 

if you need help.

“Usually we all set impossible goals and try to achieve them. 

Then when we fail we decide it really is impossible.

And once we confirm it is impossible,

we stop putting forth even the little effort

that we were putting into it.

After that all we do is blame the world,

blame God and everyone.

Our whole life ends in blaming others. 

So first fix a practical goal.

Realize what is possible

When you know something is possible, start 

working toward it.

Even small victories that you achieve can bring great encouragement.

This will give you tremendous courage and confidence.

You will then start moving steadily toward deeper Truths.

You will start to achieve and live what I call, “Living Enlightenment.”

—Swami Nithyananda 

(Living Enlightenment) 



“Her Again” or “I’m Getting A Serious Crush On This Tree.”

She notices me

penning Her portrait in words.

In the Night I cannot see any of Her faces

But Her Voice speaks to my Spirit


Be As Me. 

Let go of Thought

Let go of Fear.

Root Deeply Into Earth

And Rise Up

Into Ever Greater Light.


Stand strong that someday

you may become a refuge

for those in need of Strength

As I am a Refuge

For all that Live In My Arms,

even as the squirrel in these arms

is a refuge for Her little ones.


When the hard wind blows

Yield and you will not break!

When the darkness comes

Stand Strong, Root and Strive!

When the Darkness is past

Give thanks for deliverance.


Hold Fast To Your Ever







 Tree Grew tall



Roots grew Deep

it would not end well.


When RA is Bright

Let this Nourish and give thanks.


When the cloud hides your Sun,

See, How thin the veil!


This Great Light is Yours,

and it is so much closer

Than you imagine.

Even when you cannot see The Light,

You have The Promise Of The Light,

Just beyond that thin veil.


When you are in the dark


the Light is already on its way.


Awake Sometimes She Speaks


If I could be anything in this world,

I would want

to be


* * * * * * * * * * *


when I see me

in my life

outside of


I smile,

at the charm

of the simple matters

which make a life.

I smile at the pointless little worries

I once made

into such great worries.

It is a sweet, simple life,

with many Beautiful Blessings:

cat-sized squirrels,

bumblebee-sized hummingbirds,

pterodactyl sized crows,

sea gulls of predictable proportions,

The Great Palm

that the cat sized squirrel calls home.


Blue Sky

all experienced

in my


tree house apartment.

No real worries.

Life is simple matters.

And I embrace these simple matters,

that Root Me To Life,

for I want to be Rooted in Life.

There are many little joys

and little joys

are the lasting and always kind,

not the exhilarators

that just go up and down.

If you can be happy to see and hear

Leaves on a tree

in orange golden setting sunlight

gently swaying

 in a soft caressing whispering wind,

you can be happy in all seasons.

* * * * * * * * * * *

She Speaks

I breathe with Her

Listen to Her

Experience Her

Fall in Love with Her.


Orange golden light

of the setting Sun








Delicate Fronds.


She watches over me

She says:

Never fret over what you want to be.

Become just what you are.


I Become All I Am. 

I am a tall tree 

The whole Kingdom can look upon me 

but only you See 







with me. 

You love the animals 

that dwell within my shelter

as I do. 

You are from the forest 

and now in urban life

you long for that portal 

to the magic you knew 

where no humans tread upon 


There you discovered 

the Beauty and Truth 

which dwells only in Pure Earth.

I am your portal, 

back to that Sacred Realm.  

In this 

I am your shelter too. 

You see in me Strength

You see in me Wisdom

You see in me Divine Beauty.

Be As Me. 

The Great Palm

now transforms

into another

of Her ancient faces

to Observe the Setting Sun

in Worshipful Devotion.


Gazing on the fading Light,

The fringes of her illumined

Golden Orange Fronds,

Like Fingers,


Wave Goodbye

to Our Shared Source of Light and Life.


From Her Great Height

She now sees a Light

I cannot,

but She teaches me to See

As She Sees,

even though I have not grown

as much.

From Her I learn


Constant Growth



That I May Become





* * * * * * * * * * *


Glorious Summer Day

I can think my life a tragedy

I can think it anything

Darkness is the old default

But not on this Glorious Summer Day!

The sun, not yet setting, but past peak,

its Westerly light on the Bougainvillea,

The colorful bract, reflecting the Sun Brilliantly!

And a gorgeous bird foraging within,

also shining in the light

makes it impossible to stop this SMILE!

A pair of larger birds dance on the opposite roof

One chases the other on foot

Palm trees green against blue  Summer sky,

And now an early Moon wants to join


A soft breeze, multiple forms of cacti in the garden below,

My whole heart loves desert plants,

A hummingbird flies under me, from my balcony perch.

I usually get to see a cat-sized squirrel

LEAP from the rooftop to the tallest, most glorious Palm in view

Before the day is done.

They cut most of my beautiful Tree with its Orange Blossoms

and so went the hummingbirds, my pleasure at dusk.

But more Orange Blossoms are appearing

It is Returning

And I do see a hummingbird or two

They are Returning,

And I am Returning

To Who I Am And Called To Be

Returning to the place before I lost myself

And so says the Tree and the littlest birds that love its flowers.

We Are Nature All.

I love these moments of Blue Sky,

Summer Days,

Soaring Birds

Soft Breeze,

An urban scene?

If you say so.

I don’t see the telephone poles,

the wires, the helicopters, the world . . .

I only knows they are there

because you talk about them.

(and yes I see the typo 

two lines up and two words in. 

I did not modify it, I cherish it! 

It made me laugh.) 

I see the Earth that lives on,

in all its infinite manifestations

With or without us, in spite of us

The summer breeze nearing dusk is like a soft kiss,

The gentlest feel

Mind stills

words cease

I Am Here