Thanksgiving Sunrise

I am Thankful for the Many Blessings!

Thank You, Great Creator!

Gifts upon this Day:

A transcendent Sunrise

And a new verse

to an old song,

that transformed a past pain

into healing and peace.

I will not share the darkened past.

But gladly I share the new:

Lying still, I feel my breath 

Slowing down I am at rest 

 Now I feel some calm 

Painful past fades like a song 

Is it only that my thoughts were dark?

Is it me who now breaks my own heart?

 Breathing in, I feel more calm 

Breathing out those thoughts are gone 

No past lives here anymore 

I feel free when I breathe away my thoughts

a long lost smile, a sunrise in my heart 

I slipped out of the dark.

* * * * * * * * * * *

the sun as it rose today

from the view of my laptop’s camera

through my bedroom window












Suzuki at Sunset

His words stay.

His View Is True.

All Creation Through The Artist Is God. 

We say “I” made this,

Forgetting we are the little “i.”

Forgetting The Source,

We Become Attached To The Creation.

But it is only in non-attachment

We see its True Value.

Just Prior,

the Voice said,

Important is not a word for art.

Art is a child playing freely and madly with God.

In this play,

The child has the little role,

The Father, the Great One.