Lou Reed

Lou Reed died today and I cried.

I thought it was going to be ok,

but when I began to start the day,

I just laid my head down, and cried.

It hurts.


I never met him.

But an artist can get so deeply into you,

you can’t not love him.

He can save you from pain.

He can comfort you,

He can lead you to imagine he would understand you,

the Different One.

A cool, experienced, otherworldly rocker

Keeping you company on a lonely night

with Strange Secret Midnight Conversation

After a rough break up, in a new town,

All alone, you’re not by yourself.

You’re in the world of Lou Reed, and his weird vibrations.

Rock n’ Animal was never my album.

He isn’t close in that album.

Its a BIG LOUD show.

Transformer is The album.

He’s right there, in the room with you.

That’s the sacred album.

I love that album.

I love that man.

I miss that man.

I mourn that man.


Use it.

Give my gifts as he gave his,

Get my voice out, like he got his out,

And hope to someday be a voice, in print or in song

that can be a companion on a lonely night

to the Different One, no one gets.

I’ll never produce his cool vibes.

No one ever will.

But Lou wouldn’t dig an imitator.

Lou was an original, an Authentic.

And his example inspires me to give my Authentic Voice.

That’s what great artists do.

Inspire you to give what’s in you,

no matter what kind of weird that may be.

* * * * * * * * * * *

“Just a perfect day, you made me forget myself. 

 I thought I was someone else, someone good. 

 Oh, its such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you.”



1 thought on “Lou Reed

  1. You’re already that voice to someone. I’m sure of it. And the more you share yourself, your style, your thoughts and your truths the more of those someones there will be. You’re unique and quite capital A authentic. Lou would have been a fan I’m quite sure. And yes, Transformer is that album.

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