Oh Jolly Playmate!

Today I had my Reiki session in Venice Beach.

Just typing that makes me feel like a hippie.

I came home and went on the balcony

To meditate on the moon

Out and Beautiful,

more than halfway full.

A warm dusk with windows open,

and people in the courtyard

* * * * * * * * * * *

I noticed something curious.

From my balcony view,

I could see energy.

From a tree across the street

Or rather in front of it.

It looks a little like static on old television

I don’t know how Reiki works.

I only know something is happening.

The energy that pulses through me in session,

is quite remarkable.

Rocks are used, touch, and occasional vocal sounds from this amazing healer

It reminds me of the Six Sacred sounds of Qi Gong.

And this ancient QiGong healing practice is reminiscent of Sanskrit chanting.

All sounds for healing the body,

and other things as well.

In different parts of the world,

In different centuries,

Long before we could have known one another,

Humans coming up with the same answers, same approaches,

Same Truths, Same Gods, different names,

Identical principles.

The ancient Vedas, the sacred I-Ching,

The pre-Socratic Greeks, the teachings of Buddha,

Jainism, all 52 Gnostic Gospels of Christ . . . and so on.

Truth with a capital T exists

But it has never been dominant in our culture.

I want to be one to help change this.

* * * * * * * * * * *


I ceremoniously introduced three angels,

made known to me by my healer,

into my prayer life.

I’m open minded,

but angels by name, felt a bit Shirley Maclaine.

Yet  I trust my healer and devote myself to her guidance.

I found pronunciations for the angels’ names online.

(Ironically, from Shirley Maclaine)

Afterwards I was very tired and fell into a very deep sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I awoke after a long sound rest,

Feeling joy and the desire to play.

The children’s song, “Oh Jolly Playmate!” song was in my head.

I haven’t thought of that since pre-school.

In my semi-dream state hazily awakening

I had a very childlike free spirited vision of . . .

my Higher Self and I, singing this nursery rhyme to each other,

doing the hands and the whole bit.

Yes, the day began with visions of

patty-cake with my Higher Self.

In this confessional,

My abject Humiliation is complete.


Truthfully . . . I didn’t mind the experience.

“Be as little children,” He said.

He knew.

Beneath Personality

Absorbed In Experience,

There is no Self.

Perhaps my angels are inviting me to come play in life.

Make Life Play.

And leave that heavy adult baggage marked “SELF,” behind.

And I say, YES!



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