Today I recognized

one of the things

that keeps me from Calm,

is an inner voice saying,

“You can’t be calm!

You’ve got to do this,

and what about that?

The list is endless, according to this little voice,

Endless reasons, endless tasks

And Calm, and the Joy born of Calm

Can only be permitted at the finish line

Where all tasks and reasons for no-calm are at last silenced.

But there is no finish line.

So in response to you, little voice

ever telling me my calm happy place

can only exist upon achieving

every single thing there is to do

I say this:



5 thoughts on “Calm.

  1. Oh the truth in what you say. So often I get caught in the great battle with the seemingly endless and ever growing List. This is such a great reminder of the simple fact that the List is always going to be there, but there’s really no reason to make Calm some reward to be received only at the end of a list that never ends. Great wisdom from my favorite writer. 🙂

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