The Authentic Artist

How we admire the artists who do the work we want yet fear to do, or worse yet still, imagine we cannot do. Our fear is not of the work itself. We are intelligent enough to recognize process, and that our maiden efforts are not what is, but what is becoming.

What we fear is that our work will not be accepted by ourselves, by others, by the powers that be, which can transform an artist into an immortal legend or a worthless failure in the eyes of world-at-large. And without the approbation of these great powers, we feel our dreams will manifest as failure, unwanted.

As our art is the work dearest to our heart, a deeper fear is now unveiled: that we, as Artist, the very core of us, could potentially manifest through art, unappreciated, and therefore meaningless, to others, and to ourselves. This is why the few are living artists, and the many are but dreamers, dabblers, who do not whole-heartedly create.

To reverse this fearful restrictive lack of pursuing full potential, the dreamer/dabbler who would be Artist, must recognize the Truth that shatters the false fear, and the false paradigms that reinforce this imprisoning delusion.

No one dreams of being a poser, an imitator, a mediocre artist. It is the Authentic Artist that elicits authentic admiration and lasting contribution. The purpose of art is to be authentic, and reveal authentically that which is in the soul: the artist’s organic psyche and the Great Creator’s expression through this psyche.

When this Co-Creation is allowed/achieved, it is inspired art, and the work is a success regardless of worldly reaction, and the Artist knows it, and does not not know it, for doubt has not left the building. If the Artist can continue to recognize her own authentic work, despite inner doubts and social reaction (be it praise, condemnation, disinterest, patronizing condescension or other meaningless input) the artist will remain inspired to create, and therefore remain an Authentic Artist, which is to say, a Great, Successful Artist, in the truest sense. 

At this stage of certainty, the world’s acceptance or lack thereof, is recognized as only the world’s gain or loss. The Now Invincible Authentic Artist can henceforth only gain certainty, and further conquer the dreamer’s, the dabbler’s false fears, and all that will remain, is the Authentic in the Artist. All have the potential to live this Ideal Authentic State Of Certainty. 

The Judgment: For the Authentic Artist, it is about the Work, not the Accolades.


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